New Last Day On Earth Mod Menu 1.18.7! ( Unlimited Coins + Packs)

Download the new Last Day On Earth Mod Menu latest version. We update the mod menu with every new update of the game. Check the mod menu and download the game now!

Last Day On Earth Mod Menu

Last Day On Earth Mod Apk 2021

The last day on earth mod provided by us contains special features, which will help you to play the game easily. As a player you probably know, survival is the main task in this survival-based game. It may be hard for you to play and survive – for you, we offer help with the last day on earth mod menu.

In Last Day On Earth Mod Menu 2021, a total of 20+ features are included. With these mod features, you can play the game easily and comfortably.

Last Day On Earth Mod Menu

The Last Day On Earth Mod Menu comes with some unique features and functionality that you probably never expected. These modifications will greatly simplify the game and improve your skills. The best modification is the menu mod. You can find modifications like one-hit kill, instant travel, no damage taken, etc.

With these advanced mod menu features, the game will feel very easy to play. You will have some unique abilities. For example: with the free craft feature you can craft any item for the store instantly. Other features are also included. Kindly read the features section.

History of Last Day On Earth Survival:

The new survival game Last Day on Earth: Survival is a popular survival-based game released in
2017 by Kefir Games. In this game, you have to fight for your life. Last Day On Earth; Survival is based in a post-apocalyptic world after almost half of the population is extinct. In the year 2027, the whole world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection and disease that destroyed almost all the human race and natural diversity.

The devs are updating the game periodically to add new features. The season pass lets players enjoy the game even more. In the season pass, there are weapons, coins, armors, and unique skins. With the last day on earth mod menu, you can claim the season pass rewards for free.

Features in the Mod Menu

  • Anti Detection

All these mods are not entirely legal and not at all encouraged by the developers, so the author of these modifications included a file called Anti-Cheat Detection – which means hiding cheats and mods. Now nobody will understand that you are using these advantages.

  • God Mode

Understanding the purpose of this mod is easy. Judging by the name the player will not die, but after supposedly his death, he will always be able to resurrect. The zombies will do no damage at all.

  • Free Craft

What can be more useful than never-ending inventory? You can craft anything without the need for levels.

  • Magic Split

All items in the game can be split easily. For example, you can convert 2 ATV transmissions to unlimited by splitting.

  • Free Premium Season Pass

With the introduction of seasons, we have introduced a free season pass unlocker for our users. You can unlock the season pass without even paying.

How to download?

Just click the download button below. You will go to the download page. Simply download the apk file and install it on your phone. When you open the game for the very first time, make sure to give all permission it asks. If you see a black screen then go to your app settings and enable storage permission.

Last Day On Earth Save Data

If you want to use save data then we also provide some pre-used save data.Click here

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